Why Should I get Involved with The Yoga WAVE?


1. Gain valuable experience while helping others.


You would be helping others everywhere by helping to spread knowledge and the understanding that Wellness, Awareness, Vitality and Education can be keys to a more gratifying life.  Hone your skills while helping others.


2. Open a world of opportunity


It's surprising how third party endorsement can earn respect, raise profile, inspire confidence in a team and springboard new projects or justify resource internally.


3. Acknowledge hard work


Take time to reflect, assess success and show how far someone has come. Showcase an individual or team's achievements and take the ultimate litmus test. Benchmark performance against each past performance and each other.


4. Benefit from the marketing and PR opportunities The Yoga WAVE can provide


The Yoga WAVE will be marketing multiple events throughout the year and will be issuing awards and promoting partners and supporters through the website, Yoga WAVE networks, media connections and industry communications. The Yoga WAVE name is becoming widely known and will be highly regarded within the communities we support and that can open doors, both professionally and personally.


5. Join because The Yoga WAVE is a Movement


Enjoy the kudos and confidence that comes helping to establish a movement that can change the world.  Join because it feels right not because you need the work.  We want people with passion that want to make a difference.