The Yoga W.A.V.E. Movement!


The Yoga WAVE is here to heighten the awareness and improve the well-being of people around the world...  And the initial WAVE begins right here in Orange County, California.  The Yoga WAVE Movement has already began to work with local schools to bring yoga programs to the local schools and intends to expand into more health and wellness programs.  Spreading the idea of Wellness, Awareness, Vitality and Education to a younger generation to plant a seed and have them take it home to their families and pay it forward to future generations.  We plan on expanding this model thought the entire state and eventually across the country.  In a short time in working with the youth at Vista Del Mar Elementary school in San Clemente we are seeing the ripple effect yoga is having from the kids to their families and the school’s faculty. The Yoga W.A.V.E. intends on continuing to create programs and events to promote health and wellness and develop a platform for other health and wellness professionals around the world to make a difference.  Spreading the W.A.V.E. in the lives of individuals, families, groups and communities, collectively making an impact worldwide.