Lisa Saremi and Nichole Ferro

Co-founders of The Yoga W.A.V.E.


This movement started as conversation and thought and transformed itself into a vision and a movement that is now capturing the hearts of many.


They both are yoga teachers and health and wellness advocates, seeking to help support and find a solution for the decline in the overall well-being of most people.  With the rise of chronic disease, obesity, and drug addiction happening with our youth all the way to our elderly, they saw that action is not taken, this trend will continue and get worse.


The Yoga W.A.V.E. Movement was their way of bringing wellness, awareness, vitality and education to people, starting with the youth, to empower them to making more healthful choices to help transform these trends.  Through education and awareness, we collectively can begin to cause a change, and begin to heighten the average person’s overall wellbeing.  The Yoga W.A.V.E. is a representation of what is possible with one’s mind, body and health when they simply start to make better choices to support their vitality.