About the Yoga W.A.V.E. Movement


The Yoga W.A.V.E. Movement started in 2015 after a conversation about the desire to heighten the over-all well-being of people everywhere.  This belief was that yoga was the tool to access a certain clarity and happiness. There was such passion and a sense of purpose behind this idea, which lead to weekly group meetings as the leaders developed a foundation of what is now The Yoga W.A.V.E. Movement. In these initial meetings four main communities of concern were identified—the youth, the elderly, undeserved communities and the everyday employee in the workplace.


With these communities in mind and their years of experience and knowledge, The Yoga W.A.V.E. Movement team structured The Yoga W.A.V.E. around four main principle ideas that they feel are key to improving our societies overall health.  These principles are Wellness, Awareness, Vitality and Education.  The Yoga W.A.V.E. Movement team has developed profound workshops and programs for both individuals and institutions, and in this short amount of time has begun to build a network of inspiring partners.


The Yoga W.A.V.E. Movement has started the process of developing yoga programs for the youth.  This includes different organizations such as the Big Sister Big Brother organization in Southern Orange County and Riverside County and schools that would like to incorporate yoga, meditation and the idea of wellness into their physical education programs.


Their first success story is Vista Del Mar Elementary School in San Clemente, CA. They have implemented a yoga program into their physical education program where they have local teachers come in and teach a yoga class to every classroom and every grade once per month. This has been a huge impact on the children that go to this school and the inspiration has spread not only the teachers but to the parents, as well! Everyone is excited to be riding on The Yoga W.A.V.E. — their smiling glowing faces says it all! :)


The Yoga W.A.V.E. is looking beyond the ripple that has started here in Southern California, we are looking to ride the W.A.V.E. across the country.  Bringing the movement to everyone no matter how big or small.